Some thoughts on the dying notes of a Shenai

February 11, 2010 at 23:39 (Reflections)

There are some pieces of music that don’t leave you. It lies submerged in your subconscious until one day something reminds you of it and you hurriedly dig it out and play it. And wish that you had a nice set of speakers to play it on. One such song for me is the instrumental version of “Ye Jo Des Hai” from the movie Swades.

Perhaps it is not a very imaginative piece nor a groundbreaking one musically. Perhaps the emotions they express in the movie are maudlin at best. But, there is something in the melancholy music that draws you. A recurring motif keeps playing throughout the song – a metaphor for an anchor perhaps. An anchor which we seek in times of trouble. Rising above the motif is the melancholy tune of the Shenai – fragile and yet rich and evocative of a sense of struggle. It speaks of being stoic and yet diginified in the face of vicissititudes. It speaks of hope. It speaks your and my inner emotions. It doesn’t end in victory. Rather, it ends in the quiet bliss of having faced the things life throws at you with equanimity without losing hope. It is a metaphor for a philosophy of life itself, perhaps.


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  1. Umamaheswaran said,

    I support you on this Arun :) My favourite as well.. Listen to it often :)

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